2014 fEMMEFRAKTALE goes to Rome! The topic of the event of the 8th march, will be about female erotic fantasies... (news soon)

2014 Group-art-show for their main event (avaible more details soon)17 january 2014 at SameHeads Richardstraße 10, 12043 , Berlin (Germany)

2013 Art Group Show "The Alkemist meets Barok Works " , at Trenta Formiche A.R.C.I. cultural center , Rome (Italy)
2013 Art Group Show " 4 years XLab - the last show" , at  XLab Corrosive Art Farm Gallery , Berlin (Germany)
2013 Live Painting,  Nike Brass Alghisio,  Irene Keller and Darkam. Femme Fraktale collaborating with  Kulturprojekt Funkhaus Grünau,  Berlin (Germany) 
Femme Fraktale collaborating with FunkHaus will present a collective site-specific multidisciplinary work: : Concept/Performance: Barbara Toraldo : Sound: Monowatt - Photography: Ale in Wonderland -Masks: C. Adamo & A. Rosedorne aka Metamorphobie /Spirits of the old and the new: Calypso Adamo, Silvia Sensi, Irene Keller,Barbara Toraldo, Nike Brass Alghisio - Live Painting: Darkam, Nike Brass Alghisio Irene Keller http://gaps.funkhaus-gruenau.de/?page_id=527 10th june 2013 / for the adresse click the link below http://funkhaus-gruenau.de/ -Berlin 2013 Germany
2013 Painting Group Show " Natura et Ratio" for the females tattoos convention "The Other Side of the Ink",  Hergife Palace,  Rome  (Italy)
Collective " Natura et Ratio" for the females tattoo convention "The Other Side of the Ink" cured by Andrea Oppenheimer on friday 8th march - Hotel Hergife palace Via Aurelia 619, 00165(Line up: Dilka, Bafefit, Paolo Petrangeli, Nike Brass Alghisio, Marco Rea, Michele Guidarini, Max Ferrigno, Amelia Von Grune, Sone, Massimo Attardi, Sabrina Dan, Giulia Bannister di Vara, Sara D'Uva, Elena Pellizzon, Viola Von Hell, Anita Rossi, Federica Madonna and many more…..)//  Rome 2013 (Italy
2013 Multimedia artistic event's organization FEmmeFraktale (Part of the income being donated to organizations active for women's right),  New Yorck im Bethanien, Berlin (Germany)
2013 First show  performance "La vie en Rose - Grotterlicious" , with  unpublished track of Ketty Van Doln "Waiting for Godot" ,Galerie Fango , Cottbus  (Germany)
SPECIAL FINISSAGE "Nike Brass Alghisio" by closing performing with Ketty Van Doln
"LA VIE EN ROSE...(grotterlicious)"
(Warnung! Diese Veranstaltung wird nichts für sensible Ästheten) Brand new performance by Nike Brass Alghisio:
special unpublished track by Ketty Van Doln  ( performance sounddesign : Waitingt for Godot ) - Collaborators : tv installation  and camera : Alessandra Leone vj aka aiKia ( http://www.alessandraleone.com/)
extreme body-art collaborator : Darkam (http://cargocollective.com/darkampiercing)- ( www.darkam.org | http://taccuinoviaggiatore.blogspot.de/ ), official photographer :Aghia Sophie (http://aghiavulgaria.tumblr.com/) , make/up Saretta Rosa
Ketty Van Doln (Vocals, Maschine, Keys) / Timotheus (Kontrabass)/ Pascal Davíd Breitenbach (Visuals).http://frau-oszillator.tumblr.com/ http://www.kettyvandoln.com/video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhfSwzytZaw  Galerie Fango Amalienstrasse 10 03044 Cottbus // 2013  (Germany)
2013 Vernissage Solo-Show published in the cover of the cultural nagazine BlickLicht  (download the .PDF here: http://www.kultur-cottbus.de/archiv/0213.pdf )  Galerie Fango, Cottbus (Germany) 
2013  Painting Group Show "Gender&Diversity"  by Femme Fraktale  at  Alice-Salomon HochSchule , Berlin  (Germany)
2013 Second projection short erotic movie "BRUISED" collaboration with phiLrouge,  Kinky Film Festival , New York (United States)
2012 Art Group Show  Macabre Art Show + Live painting,   Drop Dead Festival , Berlin (Germany)
2012 Solo Show  "Follow the Rainbow, not the White Rabbit" , Cell63 Art Gallery , Berlin (Germany)  
2012  Premiere short erotic movie,  (performing and concept collaborating) on  "BRUISED" Directed by phiLrouge , Porn Film Festival , Kino Movimiento ,  Berlin (Germany)
Projection for Porn Film Festival 7th annual Berlin Porn festival Kino Movimiento // 25th november 2012 will be showed my short erotic movie "Bruised" on the "Fetish-Porno" category (avaible pdf catalogue)  http://speaksexy.org/2012/10/7th-annual-berlin-porn-film-festival-2012/  Berlin 2012 (Germany) 
2012 Painting Group Show "QuadratoNomade" Farm Cultural Park ,  Favara (Agrigento-Italy)
2012 Second show performance  "The Period - I'm sorry Mum"written and directed by me, B.L.O. ateliers - Berlin (Germany)
2012 Debut of my performance living-painting "The Period - I'm sorry Mum", Cell63 Art Gallery ,  Berlin (Germany)
2012 Art Group Show"Quadratonomade"  Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Palace of  Exhibitions) , Rome (Italy)
2012 First, big,  multimedia and artistic event of my organization  FemmeFraktale  ,  KiliKlub , Berlin (Germany)
2012 Painting Group Show "Tarot" Studio21 Gallery  - Salerno (Italy)
2011 Art Group Show "Bunga Bunga Republic"  cured by Max papeschi , at Abnormal Gallery , Berlin (Germany)
2011 Live Painting at Macro Contemporary Art Museum "Viennart" presented from Wien by The trip magazine and Cts- july  - Rome (Italy)
2011 Paintings Group Show "Tarot" MondoBizzarro Gallery , Rome (Italy) 
2011 Painting Group Show "Tarot" first show at  "La Boite" gallery , cured by Gaetano Leonardi- Rome (Italy)
2011 Double painting Solo Show with the italian pop/surrealist Paolo Petrangeli "Elettra e Fides : shadows and highlights of the leective affinity" at Degli Zingari Gallery -Rome (Italy)
2010 Art Group Show for the erotic, fetish and international festival "Torture Garden" at Qube Club - Rome (Italy)
2010 Performing and  collaborating "Art-Shoe- show" by Marco Fioramanti , for the magazine Night Italia , at Kollatino Underground - Rome (Italy)
2010 Performing on the experimental , theatral project "S.S. The Stockholm syndrome on the nazist lagers" by MariaElena Masetti Zannini -Rome (Italy)